About Rasas

Rasas was established on 25th of September 2005 in Berlin and offers a wide-ranged selection of Indian specialties which are prepared exclusively by an expert staff. Rasas is one of the few restaurants in Berlin which uses a Tandoori-oven built up of clay. Its inside is being fired with charcoal. Clay stores heat very well and adds a typical, incomparable taste to the food.

Rasas‘ interior shows a modern elegant design. Special illuminations create an exclusive ambiance that emphasizes an atmosphere of warmth and comfort varying at the different times of the day. Feel free to relax in our lounge while being served tea, cocktails and other refreshments and enjoy our excellent service. The philosophy of the Indian cuisine says that only the one who has the right nutrition, exercises his body, regenerates, controls his desires, who is generous, just, truthful, pardoning can stay healthy. The Indian cuisine’s secret lies in its seasonings. Its tradition is carried by religious imaginations, refined by a 4000-year-old culture and states an example for an alternative vegetarian nutrition.